Monday, March 7, 2011

A Quick&Short Update

sumayyah in stripes : )

my little sunshine

the girl with the goggle

Alhamdulillah, syukur dgn izinNya, kalau takde aral, kami akan pulang ke Malaysia for good, Sabtu ni 12 Mac 2011.

I think I am supposed to be happy, which I am. But somewhere, I am emotional about the fact that I am going to leave the place of where I raised my two daughters (or should I say their father too?).

To my love, I cannot ever understand how on earth you can still think of your lab & supervisors after your viva? Is anyone out there love their job as much as this man? You are a legend.

To mak, ibu, abah and adik2, family & friends, thanks for the support & doa. we cannot thank you enough.

To my Glaswegian family and friends, the memories are for ever.

And Malaysia, here we come : )....

p/s : We'll be at Kuantan, IM 15 insyaAllah... Do drop by!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Kisah Umar Abdul Aziz

Khalifah Abu Ja’far bin Mansur telah bertanya kepada anak Umar bin Abdul Aziz,

“Berapa banyakkah wang simpanan Umar ketika beliau mula-mula memegang jawatan khalifah?”.

Anaknya menjawab “40 ribu dinar ”.

Abu Ja’far bertanya lagi “Berapa pula setelah beliau wafat?”.

Anaknya menjawab
“4 ratus dinar, kalau dia panjang umur lagi, pastilah semakin berkurangan.”

Firman Allah swt:

ألهاكم التكاثر . حتى زرتم المقابر

“Perbuatan kamu yang saling berbangga dengan harta itu melalaikan kamu dari ketaatan dan persediaan untuk ke akhirat. sehinggalah kamu mati dan ditanam di kubur.” (1-2 : at-Takasur)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anna Sumayyah binti Mohd Hazimin

Alhamdulillah, our newborn daughter, Anna Sumayyah bt. Mohd Hazimin.
Born on 14th Dec 2010, 7.30 am at the Princess Royal Maternity Glasgow.

What an emotional journey! Never thought that having two children born so close together made me so emotional. I wish I can hold them both at the same time, all the time : (

sarah n sumayyah : ummi sayang both of you ok...remember that

to abang : I love you very much. Terima kasih for all the time & love you've spent with me n our children. I cannot imagine life without you dear.

to our family & friends : terima kasih atas doa & ucap selamat kalian : )

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Salam Aidilfitri

Walaupun Syawal dah nak habis, tapi tetap gak nak wish semua orang Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & maaf zahir dan batin drpd kami sekeluarga.

This is my 3rd time beraya di Glasgow and might be the last, insyaAllah..
Tak sabarnya nak balik : )

Tahun ni alhamdulillah warga Malaysia kat sini dpt solat sunat raya sama2 & dgr khutbah raya dlm bahasa melayu. Lepas solat, kami semua menjamah juadah raya yg sgt bermacam2 & sgtlah banyak! Maklumlah, semua org bawa potluck (I brought rendang ayam). Sebelum balik, sempat saya tapau kuah kacang (which is my husband's ALL TIME favourite). To this moment, I have never berjaya buat kuah kacang yg sedap, walaupun for some people, masak kuah kacang tu pejam mata jer... Sebab tula malas nak buat, mkn je yg org masak.

Tiba2 teringat plak raya tahun lepas, masa saya telefon arwah abah. Dia kata, 'bila nak balik..'.
Pastu abah terdiam and handed over the phone to my brother.
As far as I could remember, that was the first time he cried in front of me.
I know exactly how he felt at that time, memandangkan me myself, I could never ever imagine being parted from my own daughter.

Okaylah...tak mau sedih2 lagi.
I'm counting the days untuk bersalin, dijangka Disember ni insyaAllah...
And counting the days untuk balik Malaysia for good...yay!!!!

To abang, chaiyok2 tulis thesis tu & all my doa for your upcoming viva...

(Photo credit to fajaril)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2nd anniversary at safari

Last weekend, we went to Stirling Safari Park to treat Sarah, and also ourselves, on the day of our 2nd anniversary (its not the most romantic place in the world, I know).

But since the summer weather has somehow become confusing itself more & more with the monsoon season, we thought we needed to bring sarah as soon as possible to see the animals, before the sun gone & an outdoor activity is not an option anymore.

I have never been to a safari before, and it is different from a zoo where most animals are being captivated inside 'cages'. In a safari, imagine a lion or a huge bison passing by your car and all you can do inside is blinking & breathing & hoping they won't do anything wild! It's thrilling!

During passing the wild animals zone, the car windows were strictly to be shut..or else the safari rangers will ask you to leave (the rangers were everywhere). Kan seronok kalau boleh bukak tingkap...

Sarah & Mr. Lion

Sarah with the cute mini safety vest, before we went boat-pedalling in the safari river. Sangat2 bes sampai I almost forgot that I am 5 month pregnant!

Tiger, Sarah's most favourite animal.. but the real tiger was nowhere to be seen on that day. Sarah...jgn kecewa...insyaAllah ada rezeki nanti kat Malaysia kita gi zoo lagi kay..

The cute llama.. remind me of Peru

The pygmy goat loves Sarah!

Sarah's hand-sign for 'Habis dahhhh....' time to go home!

We ended our day with an anniversary dinner.

But we arrived home without even remembering what we ate. So tired...melayan Sarah who was literally messing about in the restaurant; on the table, on the floor, everywhere! She just won't sit! Oh Sarah...we love u so much.

To abang, happy anniversary...
It's hard not to fall in love with you everyday dear..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sarah's First Birthday !

Happy birthday to our cheeky little girl !
(Which was on last Sunday)

Semoga jadi anak yg solehah ya Sarah...

Lots of love from ummi & ayah : )