Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2nd anniversary at safari

Last weekend, we went to Stirling Safari Park to treat Sarah, and also ourselves, on the day of our 2nd anniversary (its not the most romantic place in the world, I know).

But since the summer weather has somehow become confusing itself more & more with the monsoon season, we thought we needed to bring sarah as soon as possible to see the animals, before the sun gone & an outdoor activity is not an option anymore.

I have never been to a safari before, and it is different from a zoo where most animals are being captivated inside 'cages'. In a safari, imagine a lion or a huge bison passing by your car and all you can do inside is blinking & breathing & hoping they won't do anything wild! It's thrilling!

During passing the wild animals zone, the car windows were strictly to be shut..or else the safari rangers will ask you to leave (the rangers were everywhere). Kan seronok kalau boleh bukak tingkap...

Sarah & Mr. Lion

Sarah with the cute mini safety vest, before we went boat-pedalling in the safari river. Sangat2 bes sampai I almost forgot that I am 5 month pregnant!

Tiger, Sarah's most favourite animal.. but the real tiger was nowhere to be seen on that day. Sarah...jgn kecewa...insyaAllah ada rezeki nanti kat Malaysia kita gi zoo lagi kay..

The cute llama.. remind me of Peru

The pygmy goat loves Sarah!

Sarah's hand-sign for 'Habis dahhhh....' time to go home!

We ended our day with an anniversary dinner.

But we arrived home without even remembering what we ate. So tired...melayan Sarah who was literally messing about in the restaurant; on the table, on the floor, everywhere! She just won't sit! Oh Sarah...we love u so much.

To abang, happy anniversary...
It's hard not to fall in love with you everyday dear..


Shana said...

Haih, comelnya Sarah. Dh semakin besar. Rambut dh kurang cacak, tp skrg ada fringe.

Happy anniversary Isma!! :)

Ann said...

happy anniversary my friend :)

Sarah nye hand-sign, kawaii!

lyana sidek said...

Happy Anniversary isma yanti!! rambut sarah dah kurang cacak la~ hehe

Sofie Shah said...

Aww, Sarah is so cute! Hm, I wonder if the Taiping night safari is anything like that..

By the way, romantic is a place the both of you are happy to be.. So, if that turns out to be an animal safari, then.. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

happy aniversary!

comelnya Sarah,,,,,

eh, Dayah pun serupa, bila lima bulan pregnent, gi snorkling di Pulau Kapas..

doakan dayah selamat lahirkan baby.

Anonymous said...

I miss you both so much...(nimizah)