Monday, March 7, 2011

A Quick&Short Update

sumayyah in stripes : )

my little sunshine

the girl with the goggle

Alhamdulillah, syukur dgn izinNya, kalau takde aral, kami akan pulang ke Malaysia for good, Sabtu ni 12 Mac 2011.

I think I am supposed to be happy, which I am. But somewhere, I am emotional about the fact that I am going to leave the place of where I raised my two daughters (or should I say their father too?).

To my love, I cannot ever understand how on earth you can still think of your lab & supervisors after your viva? Is anyone out there love their job as much as this man? You are a legend.

To mak, ibu, abah and adik2, family & friends, thanks for the support & doa. we cannot thank you enough.

To my Glaswegian family and friends, the memories are for ever.

And Malaysia, here we come : )....

p/s : We'll be at Kuantan, IM 15 insyaAllah... Do drop by!


Sofie Shah said...

Isma & Family, welcome home! ^^

I know what it feels like to leave a temporary place you've called home the past couple of years.. No worries, I'm sure the friendships will last!

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon! ^^

lyana sidek said...


I'll drop by insyaAllah.. one more important info. my RUSA dah look brand new!! jom la kita drift. bawak sarah dan sumayyah sekali...hihi. nak pusing stereng pun dah senang. :)

Ati A Aziz said...


Kami ke Kuantan the weekend of 19th & 20th March, kalau sempat bolehlah jumpa ya!

We're all looking forward to welcoming you home. :)

Isma Yanti said...

Kak opi, tok batin & yati n frens:

For the first 2 weeks kat mesia, kami maybe ada di k.slangor, kuala terengganu & KB. Then baru ke kuantan.

Nanti kalau dah setel down urusan 'spring cleaning' rumah kat kuantan, insyaAllah kita bleh wat reunion cum my house warming.

I'll contact u guys later k! Ada rezki kita jumpa lg, InsyaAllah...
X sabaq nak jumpa korg : )

izra said...

Yanti and family, welcome home!!! Can't wait to see u and your girls!!

bie said...

Welcome home Kak Isma!

Rasa macam baru semalam jer saya & 'aisyah bersesat-sesat nak ke kenduri akak & now, Dr. Hazimin :)